Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Saturday Seven - Week 7

I knew there would come a week when finding seven things just wasn't going to happen. This is that week. This week, my count is 5, and I have no picture.

When I cleaned off the bookshelf, I found 2 V.C. Andrews books I am never going to read. I asked Mandi if she wanted them. She said yes. The books are now sitting in my "to Michigan" box. While technically not out of my house, everything that has previously been put in a "to Michigan" box has made the trip. I will count things going into the box the same way I count things going into the donation bag. (2 things)

I cleaned my room and found a purple fleece hat. I'm not sure where it came from, but it is now in the "to Michigan" box for Mandi. (1 thing)

Becka and Chris came over yesterday. I cut Becka's hair, but didn't get to Chris's hair. Instead, I sent the clippers home with them. I got the clippers a few years ago, and used them for a few months, but they have been sitting in the linen closet since we moved into this place over a year ago. (1 thing)

I found another stuffed penguin to go in the donation bag. (1 thing)

This week: 5 things
Total: 86 things

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