Sunday, August 18, 2013

Knitting with hand spun

I have been spinning for about a year now. I don't always spin everyday, or spin for long stretches of time, but I do really enjoy the process. Perhaps you remember my how to: make a turkish spindle. Spindles don't have to be particularly expensive, though they certainly can be. Fiber can be obtained for very little (or sometimes no!) cash, or you can purchase rarer, more processed, indie dyed stuff. This search on etsy can give you an idea.  

 When Tour de Fleece 2013 ended, I did a round up post. In that post, I showed a beautiful green yarn I spun. For the first time since last Tour de Fleece, I have knit something with my hand spun! 

These lovelies are made with yarn I spun using 100% BFL from Greenwood Fiberworks in the Adirondack colorway. I did a 2-ply, and got a sport weight. The mitt pattern is Reciprocation by Michelle Hunter. 

I consider these mitts my first project knit with my hand spun. The first yarn that I made was thick and thin, and I made a mug cozy. It is nice, and does keep my tea hot, but... It is garter stitch. There is nothing wrong with garter stitch, mind you, but I wanted to try something a little more complex with my hand spun. So I did cables. Yay cables!

Don't worry that this trend in spinning but not knitting with it will continue.  The spinning project I am currently working on will eventually turn into a 3-ply fingering weight that I intend to make into socks. (Working toward numbers 27 and 28 on my 101 list.) I am almost done with the singles, and can start plying soon.

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