Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday 7: Week 21

This week, there was a lot of stuff removed from my place. There were also a few things acquired, because my sister and I had a Gank Day. First, the things I got rid of:

A stack of clothing. There are 24 things in the picture, and she took at least 2 additional bathrobes. (26 things)

Arm warmers I made for her (those don't count), a kindle, and 15 books (one of the books belongs to a friend of mine, so I had to put it back on my shelf). (16 things)

In the spirit of gank day, I acquired a little bit, too. 6 articles of clothing (though I picked out 9 to try on, so I sort of kept to my 2/3 challenge...) and 3 books.

26 things + 16 things - 9 things = 33 things less in my house. 
Total things: 271

Special guest appearance: Amanda's things

This is the stack of adult clothing that Amanda brought that will be donated if none of my friends claim them.

She also brought 6 boxes/bags of books:

Total things: a couple hundred


  1. lol that's so many books! I want a kindle! I want that to be part of my swapping! lol I need to go thru my books and see what i can give you when I come. :) looks like you made out like a bandit tho!

    1. Yeah, I did okay. There will be a lot being donated on Wednesday, though. I need to photo s few things to see if you would be interested in them. Remind me on Tuesday if I haven't.