Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday 7: Week 19

I told you last week that I was going through my clothing, right? Well, since Becka and I shared all of our stuff until we broke up last year, I figured I'd give her first pick on the clothing I was getting rid of. She took a little. (5 things)

Then, she happened to be sitting in my craft room as I was unpacking yarn. I came across this colorway that I am not particularly in love with, and I know she can't just buy yarn willy-nilly like I can. I asked if she liked it, and she did, so I gave the yarn to her with the stipulation that I wanted her leftovers for my sock yarn blanket. (1 thing)

The last offerings for the week came up when Becka was looking at my wall of built in book shelves. One shelf is dedicated to books that will be donated if they are not scooped up by friends. Becka saw two books on the shelf and took them: Toreador and Tzimisce, not pictured.

This week: 8 things
Total so far: 227 things

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