Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Seven: Weeks 22 and 23

Week 22
One of my best friends went through the pile of stuff I am going to donate, and pulled out the magic number of clothing items. (7 things) I don't even know where some of this clothing came from... How do I have clothing of indeterminate origin in my house?

Week 23
Here are the containers out for charity collection.

The credit for the boxes goes to my sister. She brought those books when she visited because she knew I would donate them, whereas she would just let them sit around forever. My donations are 2 large bags of clothing (some items from my sister), a small bag of clothing, and a giant teddy bear that my littles don't play with. (4 things)

Also, these things jumped into a package I sent to my sister because she and I are notorious for leaving things behind after we visit. Let m clarify: I sent her a package full of things she accidentally left behind. I added these 3 things because I thought she would like them. (2 pairs of socks, a pair of jeans. 3 things)

7+4+3=14 things
Total things: 285

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